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Hello, and welcome to Maddie's Book Nook! 

I find reading to be so beneficial for our mental health, mental longevity, in addition to being just plain fun. 

In the age of social media and in our highly stimulated society today, not only do I observe that we have a difficult time fitting self-development activities into our lives, but when we do have time, it has become increasingly easier to pick up our smart phones or watch TV, for example. 

I have found that over time, this leads to a decline in mental health. Our brains are just not being challenged as much in our everyday lives. 

I hope that my book club brings together a community of people who want to do an act of kindness for themselves. 

Setting aside time to read in quiet peace with yourself is a huge form of mindfulness. When you care for yourself, you care, in turn, for the world around you. 

I have always loved to read and LOVE to talk about books with others. 

I hope that being a part of this community will provide you with low-pressure motivation to incorporate more mindfulness into your life; whether it's through reading, or ultimately any activity that promotes awareness. 

I love all sorts of books, so I am very excited to read many different genres with you. It's going to be completely random, and I will give all members the opportunity to suggest meaningful reads. Hopefully, at some point, we will be able to find the perfect book for you. 

I strive to create a positive community of people, that can show up just as they are to take part in our discussions. My book club was established in the hopes of promoting more reading. While each conversation will be introduced through themes surrounding assigned pages, I encourage you to still come and join us, even if you were not afforded the time to read. A majority of our discussions will eventually center around the connection of the reading to our everyday lives. My ultimate goal is to build a community of people with shared values.

This book club was created in alignment with my values of kindness, inclusion, self-expression, curiosity and trust. I hope that you can come along with me, as we explore worlds, stories, lives and ourselves through books.

Looking forward to seeing you and meeting you soon! 

All my love and light, 

November Book Nook


Book - Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Discussion Meeting - November 21st at 2PM 

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Check out a list of my favorite books below!

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