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Music has the power of connecting us more strongly with both our external and internal worlds. One of the greatest loves I have as a Choral Conductor and Educator is getting to share in the powerful and joyous experience of music making with others. 


I have worked with many different choral community organizations and have enjoyed teaching a variety of different ages and choral ensembles. I am an internationally trained musician and have had the pleasure of conducting all around the United States. I have been accepted as a Conducting Fellow with many different institutions and I currently teach high school choir.


At my school, I conduct two SATB Choruses and direct my school’s international, award-winning a capella ensemble. In addition, I also direct my school’s dramatic and musical productions. 

Through my conducting and teaching I ultimately aspire to maintain choral programs that build community and emphasize the importance of service through music, both outside of and amongst its members. My biggest hope is that we can inspire and promote positive change in the world around us through the music that we create together. The goal is that my programs can provide participants with a sincere love for music and skills that they can carry with them as they navigate the rest of their lives as important citizens of our world.

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