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Hi, my name is Maddie Meier and I am a performer, singer, conductor and teacher, originally from St. Louis, Missouri. I am a lover of all things art, and believe that we all take on the role of artist through the sculpting of our lives. 


I am an internationally trained soprano, having received my Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and my Bachelor of Arts in German with a minor in French from Montclair State University. While I love to teach singing, I also teach violin (17 years experience) and piano (9 years of experience). I believe that music lessons ultimately have to do with showing our students the world of music, the instrument is just the medium through which we do it.

I also love to teach language, as I see many parallels between the study of music and the study of language. I find the main commonality though, is that both areas of study allow us to acquire the huge value of empathy. This is the “why” behind what I do, I ultimately want to promote empathy through my performance and teaching.


I have a wide breadth of singing performance experience, in addition to my choral conducting experience. I work with community choirs and children’s choirs, and I specifically love the community and connection that this work promotes. I tailor the choosing of repertoire towards what pedagogically serves my students and ensembles, in addition to what sparks their passion and interest for the world of music. I love what I do in such a deep and intimate way, and I am so grateful that you are interested and have chosen to come along with me on this journey, as I explore community, art and the world! Here we go!


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