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A Note from Maddie: 

Hello! My name is Maddie Meier, and I am a Conductor, Singer and Educator, originally from St. Louis Missouri. 

From an early age, I have always loved performing and creating music. I don't remember ever not exploring its world. I come from a family of musicians, both on my father’s and mother's sides. Every holiday, my siblings, cousins, and I would plan and put together little musical performances for my family. It was always so much fun!


Additionally, ever since I was a child, I intuitively knew I would become a teacher. I believe that teaching comes in many different forms. It can occur conventionally, in a classroom for example, or on the stage, through performance. Performance teaches both the audience and performer about who we are. Performing, in its truest form, inspires. 

Music changes people's lives. It is truly a superpower to create something so touching, beyond words. The making of music is a transformative experience. As a teacher, I can see how the exploration of sound in a collaborative setting contributes immensely to our students' lives, in both learning and social spheres. 

When I teach, three of the strongest values I hope to promote within the rehearsal space are Community, Respect and Equality. When we can make positive change on a smaller scale, this impact expands out into our larger community and world.


I would not be the person, performer and educator I am today without the teachers that invested in me, and it is a true privilege and joy to pass this impact on to my own students. I believe that the investments that we make in others truly become the gifts that keep on giving.


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